Downloadable Coloring Pages

Hello, everyone. I’ve offered free coloring page links from time to time, but as I’m finishing up the fifth book in the Bodies of Art series, I thought it would be fun to add some downloadable pages here that tie to my different titles. So, click the links, print the pages, and let you colored pencils or crayons create a masterpiece. Send the finished works to me and I’ll post the masterpieces on my FB author page, too, so feel free to email me pics at

Lots of coloring pages below!

coloring-book-abstractaliases-ritter-ames-front-bwStarting off with some novel book art, click the link that follows for black-and-white colorable pages of book covers to  Abstract coloring-book-michelangelos-ghost-gigi-pandian-cover-bwAliases and Michelangelo’s Ghost. Our publisher offered these free pages for our launch event for our books. It may take a minute to load up, but when it comes on the screen you will be able to print the and color the designs any way you like. Feel free to choose your own color schemes or duplicate the book covers–it’s all up to you and your artistic ideas.

coloring pages Abstract Aliases & Michelangelo’s Ghost

All my Bodies of Art titles spend some time in London–even if just a brief visit–and here are some London-themed coloring pages





In Counterfeit Conspiracies my characters also saw the village life of France


Art is everywhere


And in Abstract Aliases Laurel & Jack head to Rome, Italy, then Cologne, Germany




And the free downloadable coloring book offered by Oxford’s Bodleian Library3

Newly added Holiday-themed downloadable coloring pages for kids & adults